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Our Mission Statement:  First Presbyterian Church of Ste. Genevieve celebrates the gifts of all as we share the message of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. We believe the Holy Spirit guides and sustains us as we proclaim God's word and serve the needs of others.

Our Vision is Faithful Kingdom Building:
•  Growing Disciples
•  Being Ecumenical
•  Welcoming the Stranger
•  Caring and Reaching Out
•  Growing All Ages in the Light of God
•  Sharing Christ's Good News

We Believe

• God is Sovereign. He is our Creator, Sustainer, Ruler and Redeemer.
• Our sins are forgiven as we are offered a new life in Jesus Christ. Salvation is assured through faith in Him.
• God calls us to love and to serve.

How to Join Our Church:

There are three ways in which a person joins a Presbyterian congregation.

1.       By confession of faith and baptism.
2.       By transfer of letter of active membership from any other Christian church.
3.       By re-affirmation of faith.

The confession of faith and baptism is for those new to the faith.  No “re” baptism is required.  Presbyterians believe that God was present at one’s first baptism and thus there is no second guessing God by asking a person to be baptized again. 

The letter of membership transfer happens when a person moves to Ste. Genevieve and wishes to join this congregation. 

The Re-affirmation of faith happens when a person has been absent from active membership for a time, and then wishes to become active in the church again.